Volume Visualization

Volume Visualization
  - CT scanned data or Internal structure visualization
  - Defect detection

Technical Features
  - Various visualization and acceleration techniques
  - GPU shader model

Mesh extraction & simplification

CAD based on CT volume
  - Reverse engineering


 GPU based reconstruction

 Medical Image Perception

3D Reconstruction
  - Reconstruction 3D volume data
    from the projected images by CT scanner
Very time-consuming task
Acceleration more than 50 times by GPU

Adaptive Compression using Perceptual Metrics

 Medical Image Processing

      Lung segmentation and nodule detection
Perfusion between pre-contrast and post-contrast images

      Nonrigid registration between exhale and Inhale CT


      Preoperative oral implant planning system

      Teeth segmentation and Volume Stitching


 Image Processing on GPU

Brain vessel segmentation using GPU based registration
    and subtraction

Lung nodule segmentation and visualization using GPU



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